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All classroom training is conducted at Future Media Concepts. Please visit FMCTraining.com for a list of available class dates and locations.

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Role: Since 2005 Freelance Certified Instructors for the following classes from Adobe CS2-CS5 Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightwave 3D, Dreamweaver, Flash & Action Script, HTML / CSS

Adobe Certified Instructor ACI ACI


"FMC's trainers have passed the Adobe Instructor Certification exam and have also earned the industry-standard CertifiedTechnical Trainer (CTT) credential. We encourage our users to use Future Media Concepts for training."

- Adobe Systems, Inc.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience in Orlando.

In particular I would like to thank FMC for all the logistical help. Traveling from Austrailia to train in the U.S. was no easy task. The help I recieved was unquestionably the reason with which FMC Orlando was the chosen training centre.


I would also like to thank Chris Wall for spending the time both on the clock and outside the 10am - 6pm time schedule. You all made this an educational, entertaining and memorable experience. Not to mention a fun environment.


The benefits to my business are becoming increasingly evident day by day.


I can't thank you enough.


-Mark Cassar

Sealed Air


I recently took FMC Orlando's Introduction to LightWave v9 class. My experience with FMC's training style is fairly limited, but I can tell the difference between mediocre and quality learning, and I was thrilled to take such an excellent class featuring a high level of professionalism and a crisp, clear application of technology, just as the outline promised.


The purpose of this letter is to compliment your department on the excellent service. Chris Wall, the instructor, answered my many questions clearly and expertly, included custom lesson specific for my application, and expressed a true interest and excitement about the art and technique of 3d animation. Moreover, the support staff was friendly and proficient at working within my hectic schedule.


My experience at FMC Orlando was great and I cannot wait to take the LightWave Advanced class. Keep up the great work!



Ryan H.

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