Since the beginning of the development of The Levan’s Catering web-site and computer integration project upgrade. Our arrangements calls for us to meet each month to assess our current situation, address any immediate problem areas, review my needs and requests, outline our goals, prioritize, and ultimately dictate a game plan for the next 30 days. When I first unveiled this plan to my partners it was met which mixed reviews whereas, the idea of theatrically employing a web service company on a permanent bases with guaranteed minimal monthly fee, although convenient, would be hard to justify fiscally.


However, as we enter the 6th month of our arrangement I can honestly tell you I cannot imagine how we could have afforded not to. In the 50 plus years since Levan’s Catering has operated in Central Florida, our relationship with your company and the return on our investment has by far been the most successful marketing, sales, and overall project in any area we have ever attempted. This is largely due to the patience, professionalism and expertise demonstrated by you both. As I review my notes from our last meeting and look at the completion of another area I am overwhelmed again of how well you have taken our request an brought them to life. From the smallest of detail to the overall concept you again as with every area hit it perfectly.


Since we work together each month there are many e-mails and much communication between us and I always try to express my gratitude for how hard you both have worked for me. However, the last 60 or so days have been unusually confusing and very demanding on our company which I know makes it harder for you, so I just thought I would take a moment and write you and personally thank you both from myself and on behalf of family, partners, and all the employee’s from Levan’s Catering. I also wanted you to take this opportunity to advise you that as we enter the 4th quarter of this year we have again redistributed marketing and development funds and cancelled other projects which were only put on hold as we assessed your work and its influence over our company. This guarantee’s that we will continue using your company for a minimum of our current arrangement throughout this year and for the entire year of 2007, and I can tell you I have never been happier or more confident in making a decision.

Levan's Catering



I want you to know I REALLY appreciate all the time and assistance you gave me during the development of my website. Having delt with one of those "professional" companies for a short period before coming to Developmental Marketing, placed me in a better position to appreciate your work ethic and the time you spent talking about and tailoring everything to fit my companies personal needs.


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